GWO Working At Height REFRESHER

The GWO Work at Height and Rescue REFRESHER is a one day course which re-validates a current and in date GWO Working at Height certificate.


This course reviews elements from the initial two day course but is highly practical and focuses on safety critical areas. Any current safety issues or recent alerts will be discussed bringing the candidate up to date with changing legislation and operational procedures.

Among other subject areas the REFRESHER course includes:

  • Ladder fall arrest including fixed wire, inertia reels and twin hooks
  • Casualty rescue including over the edge and assisted
  • Evacuation of self from a tower
  • Safety alerts and review
  • Equipment refresher and updates

Course Code:

1 day

Winchester, Hants

Entry Requirements:
Minimum age 18. Medical declaration required to attend. Must be fluent in English for safety reasons. Must hold a current Working at Height Wind Turbine Certificate

Instructor ratio:

Course Cost:
£205.00 + VAT

Competence and aptitude during practical training and a formal test

A dual GWO/RUK certificate is award on successful completion of the course. *A valid and in date GWO/RUK certificate will be required to re-validate your certificate. Certifying bodies allow a 2 month lead in time for this re-certification. However, as soon as the date has expired on the original certificate the full two day course will have to be undertaken. The new certificate will be dated two years from the original date. 

2 years

Medical requirements:
Candidates will be required to declare they are of reasonable medical fitness before attending any work at height course.