GWO Registration

This page is designed to assist training delegates in the new procedure for booking onto GWO training courses.

As from October 17th 2016, The Global Wind Organisation will be launching an online database for training delegates, training companies and employers. This database will be called WINDA. This will allow users to store their GWO training certificates taken after this date. Training providers and employers will also be able to register and view candidates details for confirmation.

When attending any GWO approved training center you will be required to submit your unique GWO ID. For more details visit the GWO website.

Training delegate pre-course requirements from October 17th 2016:
1) Register online at
2) Remember your login and password to view your details
3) Submit your GWO ID when attending any GWO approved course

Throughout your career you will have a central database of all GWO courses and certificates awarded. At present there is no scope to add other, non GWO certificates to the site.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.