Terms and Conditions

Bookings are regarded as confirmed only upon receipt of a full payment or a company purchase order. Invoices issued are payable on 30 days. Credit account customer invoices are payable on 30 days.

Booking placed by purchase order or payment are binding. Payment will be required in full for the number of candidates and duration of training specified on the order.

Before booking onto the course, please ensure you have read the course content, to ensure the course will meet your training needs and that you are able to meet pre-requisites, where stated.

If a course registration/booking form is completed by an individual other than the named candidate, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the candidate is suitable for the course and has the relevant experience.

Upon receipt of your booking form, and subsequent payment your place(s) will be confirmed.

Payment Terms

Course fees are payable upon booking unless a valid, authorised Purchase Order is provided and accepted.

Invoices will be sent via post to the name and address provided on the booking form and must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date or not later than 1 working day prior to the start of the course, whichever date occurs soonest (the “due date”).

Payment must be made in pounds Sterling by cheque, credit/debit card or BACS.

If any candidate attends and payment for training has not been settled Renewable Turbine Training will postpone or cancel the training until payment is settled.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share with any third party company. For a full copy of our privacy policy please see our Privacy Policy page with this link.

Entry requirements

Candidates will not be accepted onto a course unless they can demonstrate evidence of compliance with the entry requirements for that course. Such evidence will normally take the form of valid certificate of competence. Candidates will be required to sign to confirm that they meet the pre-entry requirements inc. statement of medical fitness prior to the start of the course. If a candidate is unable to meet the pre-entry requirements they may not be able to continue with training without refund.

Late arrival

Courses require candidates to be present for 100% of course content. Late arrivals for any reason may not be able to start at the discretion of the Training Manager.

Provisional held requests

We may provisionally hold a place for an agreed period of time, payment or purchase order will be required by the agreed date. A provisionally held place is not a booking and after the agreed date for purchase order or payment, may be offered to other candidates / companies.

Course cancellations.

Course cancellation fees are as follows, includes bad weather travel disruption:

· More than 1 month notice – refunded full amount less administration fee of £60 per person.

· Between 3-4 weeks notice of course date – 70% refund is given.

· Between 2-3 weeks notice of course date – 50% refund is given.

· Less than 2 weeks notice of course date – a refund is not available.

Course postponement

Course postponement fees are as follows, includes bad weather travel disruption:

· More than 3 weeks notice – no charge

· Between 2-3 weeks – 20% charge to change a place, unless place can be re-filled.

· Between 1-2 weeks – 50% charge to change a place, unless place can be re-filled

· Less than 1 week – 100% charge to change a place unless the place can be re-filled.

If a candidate does not complete the course then a refund is not available.

Cancellation by the Training Company

In the unlikely event that Renewable Turbine Training should require to cancel a course e.g. due to trainer illness, we will offer alternative date options to rearrange the course at the earliest convenience or a refund. However, we will not be able to reimburse for any travel or accommodation bookings or costs incurred by the customer.

Medical requirements

Training for work at height may involve physical exertion in conditions of exposure to height. It is essential that all candidates are physically fit and able to carry out the tasks expected of them without risk to themselves or others. Renewable Turbine Training cannot accept bookings for courses involving exposure to height from candidates with medical contra-indications against working at height.

A non-exhaustive list of such conditions is given below.

• Heart disease / chest pain

• Obesity / maximum weight 120kg (please inquire if your weight extends this range)

• High blood pressure

• Epilepsy, fits, blackouts

• Fear of heights / vertigo

• Giddiness / difficulty with balance

• Impaired limb function

• Uncorrected visual impairment

• Alcohol or drug dependence

• Psychiatric illness / counselling

• Diabetes – type 2

• Asthma

• Muscular strain (e.g. bad back), dislocation, hernia – or similar musculoskeletal issues.

It is the responsibility of the individual or organisation making the booking to ensure that candidates attending the courses are free of any of the conditions described above or any other medical condition that could impair their ability on the training course to which they have subscribed. By submitting a course booking form, the applicant asserts that candidates are physically fit for the intended course. It is unlikely that applicants can be certain of being free of contraindications without a proper examination by a GP.

Where a course has been requested by the customer to run at a location of their choice Renewable Turbine Training will not be liable for costs incurred for any delay or disruption which may prevent successful completion of all elements of the training syllabus e.g. bad weather.


Candidates will receive joining instructions via email to the email address provided on the booking form.

It is the responsibility of the individual completing the course registration/booking form to ensure joining instructions are received by the candidate. Instructions will be sent via email to the email address provided on the booking form.

If the joining instructions are not received, it is the responsibility of the individual who completed the course registration/booking form to contact RTT to arrange for them to be reissued.

Failure to attend the course will result in the full cost being incurred.

RTT will send all correspondence primarily via email to the email address provided on the booking form. If alternative details are received after the booking form has been submitted, they will supersede the original details and all future correspondence will be sent to the new address.

No certificate(s) shall be issued whilst there is an outstanding balance due.

It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of RTT, to change the content and timing of the programme, the date, or the instructor.