Renewable Advice

Renewable Advice – International inspection and repair specialists

Renewable Advice

Renewable Advice was established in early 2008 to provide independent and impartial blade advice to the wind industry. It is the parent company and operational arm of Renewable Turbine Training.

Founded by Benn Faulkner, a Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineer who has been working with wind turbine blades for several manufacturers since 2002 in a variety of capacities ranging from blade production start-up and production development through to after-sales service.

The Renewable Advice team is steadily growing, including specialists with wide ranging skills, knowledge and experience of material processing methods and wind turbine blade technologies.

They are not a rope access or a boat building company trying to sell you wind energy services

The Renewable Advice team comprises specialists with strong technical knowledge of wind turbine blades and composites.

All their technicians have industry standard qualifications including Working at Height WTG, composite training and many others which offers flexibility to deliver on-site ‘Hands-on’ implementation.

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